Technology :: Top Reasons that Data is Gone from Your iPhone and How to Get Lost Data back, the iTunes Error 50 message appears once you try to download music or videos you've bought in the itunes download Store. When you try and download, you'll obtain a message similar to the following: 'There was an oversight downloading your purchased music. An unknown error occurred (-50).' The basic cause is often a connection timeout while looking to complete your download. Note that this error occurs on both Mac and Windows systems.

Santa Rosa, CA, March 24, 2011 ' The iTunes App Store released PairShare, a fresh app that lets users create music 'sharelists' and stream them concurrently with friends using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Perhaps the best app for the trendy and social music-lover, it can exponentially expand a user's listening library using the swipe of an finger. The first Bluetooth technology-based peer to look (P2P) iPhone music share app to become approved by iTunes, the PairShare app may also scan to get friends to be handled by music with. Users can certainly choose between their unique music or their friends' music, as well as the headset control lets them control the volume and song choice. Even if the users move out of range, the automobile reconnect feature permits them to continue sharing once they return within 300 feet of each other. For $0.99, users of this iPhone app may take advantage of unlimited, uninterrupted listening and sharing; the free version allows users to experience one song during a period and enjoy unlimited paying attention to a friend's music stream.

 The data loss is most likely the outcome because of inappropriate way of handling the device that can lead to damaging the unit.

However there are two other views you may use, for sale in a group of three buttons next to the Search box. The Grid view will display your album titles in a very table with all the appropriate covers displayed, while Cover Flow view displays all titles in a very browsable carousel. You can resume the List view through first button inside the group.

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